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A particle physicist pokes a hole into the fabric of the space-time dimension and what he finds shakes up the world even as the hole threatens the very existence of planet earth. Are the beings he meets in the fifth dimension enemies or saviors? Aliens or angels? Can the world unite to head off total catastrophe? The scientist and his estranged friend, a Catholic priest, must join forces with a disgraced Homeland Security scientist to alert the world to the truths that the government desperately tries to keep from the public. Virtual Life is ultimately a fascinating, exciting tale about the unintended consequences of a scientific breakthrough in an imperfect virtual world that is but a shadow of ultimate reality.
The Old Testament prophets had a lot to say about the future, including Jesus' first incarnation as well as the latter days. The OT prophecies are matched up with New Testament prophecies in Matthew 24 and the Book of Revelation to create a deeper understanding. The ovearrall conclusions are both surprising and perhaps controversial. This book studies each of the sixteen OT prophetic books not only for what they said about the future, but also what they had to say about God's character and living a godly life. Following the study of each individual prophetic book, the prophetic Scriptures are then organized into topical categories across all the prophets for easy reference..
A small-town family with two teenagers seems to have everything going their way until tragedy strikes. The family's interrelationships and their faith are hammered by one blow after another. Will a miraculous healing solve everything? Or, will it continue to undercut and reveal the superficiality of their carefully constructed personas. When everything is falling apart, can they come together in unity? Or, will divisiveness rend them asunder. Each family member handles things differently, but each one struggles in their own way. In the end, it takes another tragedy to bring the family together with greater honesty and understanding, ultimately strengthening the faith of some while others drift away.