Exposure Series of Novels

Two Sons
Signs of
the Times
Book One: Maximum Exposure
A small town murder grows into a serial sniper case and political thriller of national significance. Local detectives Gus Moran and Janelle Yakamoto join forces with FBI Agents Andrea Mitchell and Allesandro Alvarez to solve the serial killer case that leads through Homeland Security and the CIA all the way to the White House.

This is the first book in a series of Exposure mystery novels that involve these four characters in jobs that make it difficult to establish and maintain ongoing relationships.
Book Two: Over Exposure - Published December, 2015
When the electrical grid fails across the U.S. Northeast, it's just the beginning of a series of catastrophic failures that bring America to its knees. Is it all coincidental accidents? Terrorists? Hackers?

While government agencies strive to fix the problems and figure out the causes, it is the local detectives, Moran and Yakamoto, along with FBI Agents Mitchell and Alvarez from the first book in this series, Maximum Exposure, who solve the mystery.
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"A great mystery. This one kept me on the edge of my seat. Just when you think you know what's going on that's when a twist shows up. John A. Jacobsen is an excellent writer. This is a police thriller, I can't wait for the next issue. I like it because it has the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and the regular police all working together, as much as possible for that bunch, to find the bad guy. Hope you make time for this one because you won't want to put it down either. Grab a snack, something to drink and have fun. Great job John." Book Reviewer Kelly Carpo
What an amazing ride Mr.Jacobsen takes us on in this, the first of what I hope will be a long series. What starts out as a seemingly routine murder mystery soon opens up into a grand and sweeping conspiracy, with lots of moving parts, intriguing personalities and maneuvering government forces. Plus a unique villain the likes of which I haven't seen before (and I read many, many books in this genre). All of this, and there's even a touch of romance! What amazes me most about this books is that, despite the sprawling scope of the story and the multitudes of characters, Mr. Jacobsen leaves not a single plot strand untied. I kept waiting for one of the spinning narrative plates to crash to the ground, but he glides the novel to a graceful finish with nary a plot hole to be found. At least not that I could find, and I'm usually a stickler for such things. He also does a good job of re-introducing the players in each scene as needed so the reader doesn't become confused by the large cast.In addition to all these plotting riches, I found Mr. Jacobsen to be a gifted writer with a distinctive voice, humor and a talent for turning a phrase. (an Amazon customer)
Book Three: Double Exposure - Published March 2019
Double Exposure picks up with the team that brought down Zeus in Over Exposure having to be split up to tackle two urgent cases: a serial killer called the Rose Killer and bioterrorism attacks, both in Washington D.C.

These two seemingly unrelated cases become inextricably intertwined by a single hair. The two teams follow their separate cases which introduce the use of synths (robotic humanoids) to further confound the authorities. The cases come together as a thrilling terrorist attack in Las Vegas unites the two teams in a last ditch effort to save thousands of lives.
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