A Tale of Two Sons - Series of Novels

Signs of
the Times
Book Four: Hope Deferred
This fourth book in the Two Sons series picks up right after the mysterious, simultaneous disappearance of the twin boys on the same day from two different states. The FBI search uncovers a sinister plot that serves as the first direct battle between Jesus and Lucifer over the two boys' fate.
Book Five: Ecstasy & Agony
This fifth book in the series follows David, Julia and Zak to San Francisco where they become involved with both the Chinese and Ukrainian crime syndicates. Meanwhile, Elisha remains in South Dakota in order to lift the Wounded Knee curse off the Oglala Sioux tribe and reservation.
Book Six: Evil Rises
More Customer Comments:
"Another wonderful read which held me spellbound. Throughly based on scripture. It held me spellbound all the way through the story."
"A really great book. What's really nice about these books is that each book can be picked up on it's own, although they are better if you read the whole series as there is so much more to them than just one book. I enjoyed learning more and more about God and Jesus and what is expected of us while enjoying a good story. With John A. Jacobsen I have learned so much. It was his books that brought me to the Love and trust in God. I was lost but have been found now."
"Like the other books In this series I was enthralled with the characters, plot and ending."
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In Book Six of the Two Sons series Elisha expands the First Nations Revival, while, David's evil powers extend the transhumanism agenda and even influences Congress. Meanwhile, the FBI's Kendall Kemp and Miguel Machado work with the NSA's rogue analyst Alex to find David and bring down his mentor, Andrew Weingartner, the NSA's Director of the Counter- terrorism Intelligence Division.
Book Seven: The Beast Emerges
Book Seven sees David use his mental powers to rise within and above the Council of Twelve under Lucifer's guidance, leaving devastation in his wake as the Council prepares to take over the world. After sparking another First Nations Revival on the Hopi Reservation, Selfish is called to come to Washington, D.C. to help Jerry, Sarah, Lisa, Michelle and Dave find and rescue FBI Agents Kemp and Machado, as well as to prepare for a final, epic showdown with David.
Book Eight: Convergence
Book Eight follows Elisha and David as they move toward their final confrontation with the fate of the world hanging in the balance. David uses his powers to take over the Council of Twelve, but is at odds with Lucifer who says he's moving too fast and getting out of control. Meanwhile, Elisha and his entourage move to Washington, D.C. to join forces with the rogue FBI agents who are trying to locate David as well as SAC Kemp and SA Machado. Even as they are all being chased by the full force of government, they manage to make contact with President Becker after the Council launches a series of devastating bombing and missile attacks that undermine world order and wreak global havoc.
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