Book One: The Early Years
This first book of the Two Sons series covers their birth and pre-school years within the mayhem that follows their illegal adoptions and the conflicts their birth mother experiences as she searches for her two lost sons.
Book Two: Collision Course
In this second book of the series, one twin with supernatural abilities is hiding out in South Dakota to avoid a kidnapping threat while the second twin begins to display his prodigious mind as well as his evil tendencies on his parents' farm in North Dakota. The twins are on a collision course with their first encounter producing spiritual fireworks.
Book Three: The Visitations
This third book in the Two Sons series reveals the underlying sources of influence and power within each of the twin sons, one of whom is drawn toward the dark side while the other embraces the light. The WonderTwins become famous with a Reality TV series built around them.
Customer Reviews
This series of eight books have received a total of 18 reviews (no family or friends) with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars
"If ever an author developed a first book in a series for continued interest, Jacobsen did that in this first installment. I will purchase the next one immediately."

"Enjoying this series. I like all the Scriptural references."

"As with this first 6 this was a great read! I can't wait for the next book!"
This is a story of twin sons adopted by different families who are each destined for greatness. However, the forces of good and evil struggle to gain control of them, leading to an eventual clash of these two titans with worldwide implications. Nefarious criminals, serial killers, the FBI, Homeland Security and the NSA all become embroiled in the sweeping tale that moves through London and New York City into the fracking controversies in North Dakota to the Badlands of South Dakota, the mafia in San Francisco and several Native American reservations. Each ebook in this series is available on Amazon for $2.99

A Tale of Two Sons

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