This seven-book series is an epic saga that follows a diverse set of characters through the seven-year Tribulation into the Millennium. Pastors, prayer warriors, CIA agents, Illuminati leaders, the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet vie against each other and God in this compelling drama that presents a strong Biblical case for a pre-wrath rapture that occurs after the midpoint of the Tribulation.
The first book covers the pre-Tribulation period that Jesus calls the “beginning of sorrows” up to the emergence of the Anti-Christ and False Prophet.
The second book covers the early days of the Tribulation up to the time that the two witnesses of Revelation 11 are revealed.
Based on 84 Amazon reviews, Book One averages 4.5 stars out of 5. Some of those ratings are for the entire series. Book Two received 5 stars from its 3 reviewers while Book Three averages 4.6 stars based on 27 customer reviews.
All seven of the books are available as ebooks for $2.99 on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The first four books in the series were published in print versions but priced way too high by the publisher. Amazon currently offers the print version for $18.99.
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The third book follows the two witnesses through numerous escapes after they are denounced by the the anti-Christ as the world’s most dangerous fugitives until they spark a major revival.
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