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All books are now available as paperbacks on Amazon for about $7 each
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I currently have three series of novels:
The End (7 books, complete, about the end-times)
Two Sons (8 books about two sons, one good, one evil)
Exposure (2 books, mysteries, suspense, conspiracies)

Virtual Life is a standalone novel.

I also publish the Signs of the Times newsletter, a weekly publication with concise news summaries of interest to Christians, focused on the signs of the impending end-times.

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Two Sons
Signs of
the Times
Over 20,000 of John Jacobsen's books have been sold.with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars.for 268 Amazon reviews
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All books available as ebooks for $2.99 each (Book 1 of each series available for $0.99).

The End, Two Sons and Exposure books are now available as paperbacks for around $7 on Amazon.

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Book Eight of the Two Sons series, (Convergence), was published in April, 2017. This is the final book in the Two Sons series
Virtual Life - And a Little Child Shall Lead Them
A particle physicist pokes a hole into the fabric of the space-time dimension and what he finds shakes up the world even as the hole threatens the very existence of planet earth. Are the beings he meets in the fifth dimension enemies or saviors? Aliens or angels? Can the world unite to head off total catastrophe? The scientist and his estranged friend, a Catholic priest, must join forces with a disgraced Homeland Security scientist to alert the world to the truths that the government desperately tries to keep from the public. Virtual Life is ultimately a fascinating, exciting tale about the unintended consequences of a scientific breakthrough in an imperfect virtual world that suffers from serious implementation flaws (i.e. human beings).
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