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All books of the End series and the Two Sons series now available as paperback books on Amazon for about $7 each
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I currently have three series of novels:

The End (7 books, complete, about the end-times)
Two Sons (8 books about two sons, one good, one evil)
Exposure (2 books, mysteries, suspense, conspiracies)

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I also publish the Signs of the Times newsletter, a twice-a-week publication with concise news summaries of interest to Christians, focused on the signs of the impending end-times (see left tab).
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Over 18,000 of John Jacobsen's books have been sold.with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.for 248 Amazon reviews
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All books available as ebooks for $2.99 each (Book 1 of each series available for $0.99).

The End and Two Sons books are now available as paperbacks for around $7 on Amazon.

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Book Eight of the Two Sons series, (Convergence), was published in April, 2017. This is the final book in the Two Sons series
Book 8: Convergence of the Two Sons Series now available - the final book in the series
Book Eight, And A Little Child Shall Lead Them, follows Elisha and David as they move toward their final confrontation with the fate of the world hanging in the balance. David uses his powers to take over the Council of Twelve, but is at odds with Lucifer who says he's moving too fast and getting out of control. Meanwhile, Elisha and his entourage move to Washington, D.C. to join forces with the rogue FBI agents who are trying to locate David as well as SAC Kemp and SA Machado. Even as they are all being chased by the full force of government, they manage to make contact with President Becker after the Council launches a series of devastating bombing and missile attacks that undermine world order and wreak global havoc.
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